Paul Flaherty – Producer/Director

Starting out in his native Pittsburgh as a guitarist, Paul Flaherty eventually made his way to Los Angeles where he did lots of session work for various R&B artists, including Ray Charles. He transitioned to television writing and was one of the key writers on the highly acclaimed SCTV comedy series, garnering  nine Emmy nominations and winning two Emmys.

It was on SCTV  that he began directing.  And after a stint as co-executive producer/writer on The Tracy Ullman Show (another two Emmy nominations) he directed his first feature film, 18 Again!,  starring the legendary George Burns.  
Flaherty went on to direct the perennially popular, Who’s Harry Crumb?, starring John Candy, following that up with the cult favorite, Clifford, starring Martin Short, Mary Steenburgen and Charles Grodin.

He won another Emmy Award for oustanding writing on The Muppets Tonight.  Flaherty has directed many Hollywood stars, including Billy Crystal in Midnight Train to Moscow, for which he received Emmy and DGA Award nominations for outstanding direction. As producer/director of the critically acclaimed series, Primetime Glick, he worked alongside Tom Hanks, Steve Martin,  Sharon Stone, Ben Stiller and many others. He now divides his time between producing, writing and directing for both film and television.

Stealing Dawn is a labor of love that Paul Flaherty is excited to bring to the screen.